Friday, 19 September 2014

What Amanda Wore: Hard Rock Cafe

Rose Co-ord: Primark | Top: Topshop | Shoes: Topshop

Wednesday night, after visiting all the fountains and having a lovely day, my boyfriend found somewhere to go for us to go dinner. He kept it a surprise so I was pretty excited and kept wondering where we were going! I decided to wear my beautiful rose co-ord I bought back in April! I spotted this in the Edinburgh in Primark in the sale and have been desperate to wear it all summer. I was really strict with packing, so not having much to work with, I wore it with my white scallop hem top and my favourite white chunky boots. I loved loved this outfit sooo much, and it turned out to be one of the best evenings too! My boyfriend only went and found the Roma Hard Rock Cafe! I was ridiculously excited! The Hard Rock Cafe has been on our to do list since day one, I have wanted to go for ages! We both went for the pulled chicken burger, with real iced teas! It was beyond delicious, a lively atmosphere and another thing to tick off our list!

A, ♥

Thursday, 18 September 2014

What Amanda Wore: Peaches & Ice Cream

Cami: Miss Selfridge | Shorts: River Island | Backpack: New Look | Sandals: Primark

The street style in Rome was amazing. All the beiges, whites, cropped trousers and crisp shirts. I loved walking down the cobblestone streets and witnessing all the fashion forward ladies! Me, on the other hand who was holidaying in the Italian capital chose something a little comfortable and cool. We were visiting the Colosseum for the day and I wanted something light and simple. It was the first day and I couldn't resist pulling out my River Island shorts with a cute ice cream print, perfect for Italy! I styled it with my favourite peach cami for a vibrant look. I had all my essentials in my backpack and wore my comfy primark sandals too! This is definetely one of my favourite daytime looks... it kept me cool and of course we HAD to go for an ice cream after... when in Rome!

A, ♥

Wednesday, 17 September 2014

What Amanda & David Did: Rome, Part Two

After our first two action packed days, we wanted to spend a day enjoying the sights closer to where we were staying. There were so many people sights near to us, we grabbed our backpacks and had a leisurely stroll around the streets of Rome. Our first stop was Piazza De Popolo, a Plymth stood in the middle of the square full of ancient hieroglyphics. A few small fountains surrounded it so it's definetely worth a look. Our next stop was Piazza Navona.. a large square full of fountains, surrounded by restaurants and buzzing with people. We didn't realise it was so close to our apartment and as it was so close to all the good restaurants, we spent most nights here, wandering around and enjoying the fountains. Ice cream happened again on the way home.. when in Rome!

Day Four

I don't have too many photos from the Thursday as we spent the day shopping! From the Disney shop, to Sephora, to Kiko, to Escada to H&M... Rome had it all and I was excited to spent some euros! Unfortunately, the forecast was thunderstorms all day and after popping into Mcdonalds for lunch, (we had the worst possible service and had to wait an hour for two meals), we got caught in the rain, so we legged it back to the apartment until it eased off and luckily the sun came out! It was lovely to leave the camera at home for the day and just have an easy day... even though we ended up walking miles! I'm thinking of doing a Rome haul at some point because I bought some AMAZING things I can't wait to share! Shopping in Rome is somethin' else!

Day Five

By Friday, we had already visited all the main sights like the Colosseum and The Vatican as well as spending a day shopping too. We were feeling quite energetic and wanted to do a bit more sightseeing for the last time, as we had a beach day planned for Saturday and on Sunday we were flying home. Boo! With our last chance for snaps and seeing the sights, we got a map and planned our route, starting from the Spanish Steps. Our apartment was only a two minute walk away from the infamous steps yet we still hadn't seen them properly. They were always full of people but luckily we ventured out super early! It was alot of steps but the view from the top was breathtaking!

My boyfriend is amazing at finding things and cute little places and he was the one who discovered this little viewpoint over Piazza Del Popolo. I did't think anyone knew about it because there was only a few people up there with us! It had stunning views again.. you can spot St Peter's Basilica in the background which was our next stop! 

It looked so far away in the distance but it wasn't too far! We had already been, which you would've seen in my first post but we wanted to enjoy the view from across the River as it was really beautiful!

We were on our way to the Roman Forum when we found these ruins in the middle of the street! It was pretty amazing to see and we even found two Cats wandering around in there! Soooo cute!

Our last stop was the Roman Forum. A pretty arrangement of ruins which I think was used for elections, public speeches and gladiator matches. It's quite a popular spot for tourists and was interesting to see. It was just round the corner from the Colosseum so we had another gaze at that before heading home, completely exhausted! We did so much walking, my legs were like jelly!... our legs must be so toned right now!

Day Six

By Saturday we were both in need of a lazy day. After spending six days walking for miles and miles and seeing everything there was to see, we thought a trip to the beach would be a perfect end to our holiday! Hoping we could, I packed my bikini just in case! We hopped on the train, (which we pre-booked the day before), we ended up running for it as it was about to leave! We found some seats and were soon being whisked away from the city and into the serene towns on the coast of Rome. An hour later, we found ourselves in Santa Marinella, the most beautiful little seaside town with one of the most perfect beaches I've ever seen.It was a secluded beach, so we paid for sun loungers and an umbrella and spent the day relaxing. I had my book, the temperature was soaring into the 30's... it was bliss. My boyfriend braved the sea while I only went for a paddle, the water was a lot cooler than what I expected! We left late afternoon happy and relaxed.. not to mention sunburnt. My boyfriend has a lovely low while my arms back and tummy are really burnt! Oops! It was lovely to escape from the city for the day!

Evenings in Rome 

Our seven nights in Rome were filled with Pasta, pizza and icecream! And we both agreed that the pastas are sooo much better than the pizzas! We spent most nights at Da Franchesco's which we loved so much we went back three nights in a row! We tried Baffettos which had huge queues, full of locals which is always a good sign! We ate out one night near the Colosseum too so we could catch a glimpse of the Colosseum at night. It was really pretty but as we came out of the restaurant it was raining! The craziest night was when it was Vogues big fashion night out and we had a red carpet outside our front door! Hundreds of people, photographers, models and a guy standing with a guestlist who wouldn't let us through! It was insane but so much fun! The Hard Rock Cafe is up there too as one of the best nights, yummy food and the best company! Most nights ended at either Giolotti or Frigidarium as they do the BEST icecream... take me back. 

Looking back at these photos and writing these posts has made me realise how amazing Rome was. It's definitely up there with Zakynthos and Edinburgh as one of our best holidays. I have a new found love for city breaks now and me and my boyfriend have already been thinking when we'll be going back to Rome. It's one of the timeless places you can visit again and again and I can't wait. Definetely be visiting the Trevi Fountain next time! Rome, you were perfect 

A, ♥