Sunday, 20 April 2014

Snuggly Sunday Catch up

It's been a very long time, where I've been able to sit down, blog and post it the same day. Since coming back from Edinburgh, I went straight back to work, the days have flown past and I really struggled to keep this little space undated! I have been scheduling posts in all week, but I finally have blogged part one and two with three outfits! Which means all my Edinburgh posts are over and I can resume with 'normal' blogging. I thought today I would share a few snaps from my lazy Easter Sunday at home with my family. We really didn't do anything more than watch films, make dinner, eat dinner and tuck into Easter eggs this evening. My kinda Sunday!

I couldn't find anything Easter appropriate with either bunnies or chicks on, so I decided to dress cosy and comfortable but I also wanted to show off my new pieces. I spotted this H&M jumper in Edinburgh and loved the simplicity of it, I knew it would look simple with my new mint leather skirt from Primark. I would've braved outfit posts but it was raining non stop today, booo!

Easter Sunday in my house, we always have a sit down dinner. Today I was helping my Mum cook the dinner and make the desserts! For dinner, we had chicken and pork, with sage and onion stuffing, roast potatoes, crispy mash, sprouts and yorkshire puddings too! It was soooo tasty! For dessert, me and my Mum made little sponge cakes to go with Strawberries, cream and ice cream... nom!

For Easter, I was given this little guy! How cuuuute is he?! Best Easter Egg ever! I don't want to eat him and I couldn't bring myself to eat him today, instead I munched on my favourite Malteaster bunnies as I was bought lots! As well as a box of chocolate and a pair of socks! I had a lovely Easter with my family today, but I can't wait for tomorrow as I get to have a late Easter with my boyfriend! I've got a little Easter Egg hunt for him planned and a few treats I'm excited for! I hope you all pigged out on chocolate and had a Happy Easter with your families! 

Friday, 18 April 2014

What Amanda & David Did: Edinburgh Zoo, Day Two

Our third day in Edinburgh was spent at Edinburgh Zoo, pre booked so we could see the special couple and stars of the Zoo, the Giant Pandas Tian Tian and Yang Guang! They were the main reason for our trip up to Edinburgh, so we visited the Zoo twice, once when we landed on Thursday afternoon and again on Saturday. Just before we left England, I got an urgent email telling me it's coming up to breeding season for the Pandas and the enclosure may be shut at any time.. I was a little worried and upset that I wouldn't be able to see them, but once we got to the Zoo on Thursday at 4pm we saw Tian Tian and Yang Guang for the first time, and I was so ridiculously happy. I wasn't expecting to see them on Saturday as well, but as soon as we got to the Zoo, we were told to go straight up to the Panda's instead of waiting for our 12pm time slot. We were actually really lucky as we were able to stay with the Pandas ALOT longer than if there was timeslots... we saw them for over an hour the first time around and we sneaked back in at 12pm for another hour! I was so so so happy and overwhelmed seeing them.. they're my favourite animal and have been since I was a little girl, and this was the best day of my life.

Like I mentioned, Thursday was the day I saw the Pandas for the first time, so I thought I'd go back in time and show you my photos from that magical day. We booked to see them at 4pm, and headed straight up there as I was bursting with excitement. We finally made it after a long hilly walk we waited (impatiently) while the keeps located Tian Tian and Yang Guang in their outdoor enclosures. 

EEEEEP! Me and my boyfriend pushed to the front of the herd of people and spotted Tian Tian snoozing on top of the wooden frame. I cannot tell you how happy and excited I was to finally be seeing a Panda Bear with my own eyes for the first time... there was alot of screaming and squealing as I snapped hundreds of photos of that adorable Panda back. The keepers told us as it's breeding season we should leave her in peace as we walked on to meet Yang Guang. This cheeky Panda was happily eating his bamboo right in front of us and I think I screamed at the sight of him! He is every bit as cute in real life, with those adorable Panda ears, just like how I have imagined them to be. I think I took a few too many photos of him eating, but then he decided to get up, have a wander around before settling on his wooden frame. 

We booked to see them again on Saturday, and were really lucky a we got to see them for about two hours, as they were letting people in and out all day. We headed up there as soon as we got to the Zoo, and this time only Yang Guang was there as Tian Tian had to be taken off. The cheeky Panda was fast asleep when we got there but soon moved, attempted to get on his swing, gave up then sat there and munched on bamboo for an hour.. we were all just staring at him, admiring him and I knew it was the best moments of my life. We went back to see him later in the day and we were running from his inside to his outside inclosure so I could take more photos of his cute Panda face.. as the naughty Panda kept going in and out! I wanted to take him home with me and I was a little choked up when we had to leave him. My boyfriend had to drag me away as he was hungry and wanted to see all the other animals.. we eventually left and headed on to the other enclosures, as Yang guang went inside to enjoy some Panda cake!

After the Pandas, we headed out to Penguin Rock, home to three different species of penguin. Gentoo, King and Rockhopper! The Gentoo Penguins are in breeding season too, which is why most of them are laying down with their eggs, waiting for them to hatch. The Gentoo's mostly kept to themselves to stay close to the eggs, but we did get a cheeky one or two that came to say hello! And we caught three of them when they did a Penguin walk around the path, so we all got to see them close! I was most excited to see the King Penguins as they look very alike to my favourite Penguin, the Emperor Penguins. We found this little guy asleep.. so cute! Lastly, the Rockhoppers were being anti-social and most of them were hiding. I found two little cheeky ones, hiding in the corner, close to the railings.. they didn't look too happy so we let them be!

Flamingoes were next as most of them were asleep on one leg or looking at us. I love Flamingoes and this is the first time I've seen them close up!

We were on our way to the Koala's when we saw this guy posing for us. He's a Sun Bear and him and another bear were showing off to us, him rolling over on his back and him being a daredevil and balancing on his frame.. he did slip at one point, silly bear!

Edinburgh Zoo is also home to the UK's only Koala's, and I adore Koala's. I think they're the cutest little bears and I had another squealing moment when I went in and saw them for the first time! Look at his little face! There was a little Joey in there too.. cuteness overload. They were both eating Eucalyptus, and the mummy (or daddy) Koala was just watching the baby eat! SO CUTE.

Big Cats are always a Zoo favourite of mine. Lions and Lioness', Jaguar and Cheetah. The Lions started having a full on fight when we got there.. I think the male one as he went back to sleep and you can see the lioness walking away in the corner! The Jaguar was pouncing up and down, while the Cheetah walk walking in circles.. despite the weird behaviour, I loved seeing them so close.

I've missed out seeing the Zebra's on my last visit to the Zoo and they are one of my favourites! They're always so gentle and sooo cute, I'm glad I got to see them grazing.. until they starting fighting one another!

After seeing all the animals, we found ourselves walking up the long hill to a beautiful hilltop view point, overlooking all of Edinburgh. It was truly breathtaking and we were in awe of the city below. We stopped to rest our legs are all the walking and I snapped a few photos of the view, before heading to the gift shop to buy my cuddly Panda. We got the bus back to the hotel room and collapsed for a few hours.. we were exhausted! Our legs must be so toned right now! Edinburgh is so hilly and we must've walked for miles and miles! We decided on the Filling Station for dinner again as it was soooo tasty, then passed out in bed after our long day!  It was the best way to end our amazing visit to Scotland.. I think it's our best adventure yet. Fingers crossed she has a little Panda Cub to give us an excuse to go again!

Thursday, 17 April 2014

What Amanda Wore: Tartan Dress

Dress: Topshop
Boots & Bag: Clarks

As I took lots of outfit photos while I was away, I thought I would do a outfit post of what I wore while I was adventuring around Edinburgh town, which I blogged all about over here! As I have mentioned hundreds of times, I was super excited for our trip to Edinburgh and bought lots of new things included this lovely Tartan smock dress. I'm not the biggest Tartan lover, but after buying my Tartan bag from work I've been obsessed and couldn't stop myself from buying this beautiful Topshop number. I spotted this in the Topshop in town, tried it on and had to take it home with me. I have a new found love for smock dresses and have a few stashed away in my wardrobe for Springtime that I'm still yet to wear, and this is a pretty edition to the collection. When it came to packing, I knew this would be perfect for our weekend away, and I couldn't wait to show it off on the streets of Edinburgh as it's the home of Tartan! 

I wore this outfit on our second day there, when we spent the day exploring around the Old Town and Edinburgh Castle. It was a lovely sunny day but still a little chilly with a fierce wind, so I wore it with my super cosy tights, leather jacket and boots which made the perfect comfy outfit! This was one of my favourite outfits and as the dress is quite a thick, it kept me warm all day! I did have to buy a scarf later on though, as the wind got crazy! Apologies for the mish mash photo's, I took a few inside before getting my boyfriend to snap some at Edinburgh Castle! I loved this outfit and can't wait to wear it again hopefully before summer properly sets in, hopefully barelegged with cut out boots? I still got part two of my Edinburgh adventures which include all my photos of the Pandas and a few more outfits too! Look out for Edinburgh part two tomorrow!