Saturday, 18 April 2015

What Amanda Wore | To The Zoo

Tee: Urban Outfitters | Jeggings: Topshop | Cardigan: Primark | Gilet: C&A | Converse: Office

Last week, me and my boyfriend had a lovely week off work. Luckily, the weather was beautiful and with the sun high in the sky, and the temperature soaring me and my boyfriend thought we'd spontaneously visit the zoo! It really was spontaneous.. I had all of 5 minutes to get ready, in which I created this ensemble! Comfort is the most important thing when you have a lot of walking ahead of you. I was tempted to wear some printed trousers, but I thought practically and went with my favourite jeggings, super soft and light too. It was too warm to wear a jacket or coat, so I thought my gilet, layered with my favourite pastel cardigan would keep me warm, without being too hot. Of course, going to the Zoo, I had to wear something from my Zoo wardrobe! Rooting around in my t-shirt draw, I found my Panda tee I love so much. Hopefully the warm weather is here to stay, so I can start wearing all my pastels and my gilet more often!

I'll be blogging all about our trip to the Zoo tomorrow! Think baby Elephants and the cutest Penguins! 

A, ♥

Monday, 13 April 2015

What Amanda Wore | Lilac Shirt

Shirt: F&F | Cami: Primark | Leggings: Topshop | Converse: Office

Oh, I adore my lilac shirt. I bought this last summer in the F&F sale and it's my favourite thing in my wardrobe at the moment, especially with Spring here, I can't wait to style it with jeans and cute dresses. I was desperate to wear it on Friday to Cadbury World, going with a purple theme along with Cadburys I thought it would make for a cute little outfit! As it was a really warm day, I thought something light would be best. I decided on a pair of comfy jeggings, tucked into socks with my newest Converse of course! Seriously, the comfiest shoes ever! On top, a simple white cami layered with my lilac shirt.
I had my backpack on my shoulders, and my camera in my hand ready for photo opportunities! You can read all about our day at Cadbury World here! We had the best day eating chocolate and learning about the origins of Dairy Milk, it's worth the visit, just for the 4D experience!

A, ♥

Saturday, 11 April 2015

What Amanda & David Did | Cadbury World

Yesterday, me and my boyfriend travelled up to Birmingham to visit Cadbury World! I booked it as one of my boyfriend's birthday presents as he's never been and we've always wanted to go. I've already been, twice before: Once with my Uncle when I was really little and again on a school trip when I was doing my GCSE's, so it'd been a while! I was so excited to see it all again as they have lots of new things, and for my boyfriend to see it all for the first time. We had the best time and thought it would be nice to share our adventure!

At the start of the tour, you're given three bars of chocolate: Wispa, Crunchie and a Dairy Milk. My boyfriend demolished his in seconds, while I only ate the Dairy Milk! You soon enter the Aztec Jungle, where you learn about how the Mayan Indians discovered the cocoa beans in Mexico over 1000 years ago. It's really interesting learning about how chocolate came about with only natural ingredients, and how the drink 'Chocolatl' was the Aztec Emperor's favourite beverage!
There's two short films on the way, to see about how Mr Cadbury came about, got to where he is now, and how they invented a glass and a half full Dairy Milk. There's even a film explaining how exactly how Dairy Milk is made which was pretty interesting! After the films, you get to see exactly how Creme Eggs and Buttons are made, which fascinated me and my boyfriend! Especially how they wrap the eggs up perfectly! 

We headed to the manufacturing and packaging areas where you're not allowed to take any photos, but we were amazed at how quickly the chocolate gets wrapped and packaged into a box in under a minute! My boyfriend was amazed! After enjoying another bar of chocolate from our stash, me and my boyfriend enjoyed the little Cadabra ride they have. It was pretty funny seeing all the beans around in the different seasons, and we had a good laugh!
The next stop was the Chocolate making area, where we found out just how Roses are made and even indulged in a little pot of melted chocolate with a choice of topping. We both went for Crunchie, which was so delicious with the warm melted chocolate ..mmm. Eventhough my boyfriend couldn't finish his! We were fascinated with the chocolatiers working hard on making Roses and filling them in the molds perfectly. 

The next zone, we travelled back in time to see the adverts through the years. From the Coronation Street sponsor to the old adverts before I was born, they were all there! Including everyone favourite, the Gorilla! They even had the Gorilla playing the drums.. me and my boyfriend were so amazed we kept playing it over! 
It was more interactive from here on out, including an zone for the kids to play chocolate related games which was full of little kids having fun! Me and my boyfriend headed on out to the shop, where me and my boyfriend went a little crazy and bought SO much chocolate, aswell as a new mug, a teddy and a notebook and pen! I do love my souvenirs! And my chocolate. 

Despite all the chocolate we ate on the tour, I was hungry for some real food! So the Cadbury's Cafe was the place to go. It was early afternoon, so we got ourselves a cup of tea and shared a panini for a late lunch. It was nice to sit down after the walking before heading out to the 4D Adventure and the Bournville Experience. Obviously Cow selfies happened. 

After lunch, we headed around the back of the factory for the other attractions. First up was the 4D Adventure, which was amazing and the highlight of our day! It was similar to the Marvel one we saw at Madame Tussauds; think 3D but with moving chairs and bubbles! Me and my boyfriend loved it, I want to go again just for that! 
We finished the day up wandering around the Bournville experience, where we discovered all the old packaging and retro chocolates they use to have back in the day. My boyfriend was fascinated with the machine above, stacking up all the chocolate. He was glued to it and I had to drag him away!

We had such a fun day out, I think one of the best days in our week off! We'd wanted to go for so long and it was well worth the two hour journey. It's another thing to tick off our to-do list and well worth the visit! 
A, ♥