Tuesday, 19 August 2014

What Amanda & David Did: Weekend in the Forest

As our summer holiday isn't until September, me and my boyfriend booked another spontaneous weekend away last weekend, to spend some time together and get away from it all. We adventured down South for a lovely two nights away in the New Forest. We had such an perfect weekend, enjoying some us time, peace and quiet, as well as bike riding, making friends with Shetland ponies and yummy pub dinners. 

We drove up late on Friday night, and had already stopped half way for a naughty KFC, so we headed straight to the B&B for the night. It was already late when we arrived and had taken a few wrong turns but eventually we found it tucked away behind some trees. Friday night was a night for chilling, unpacking and planning our next two days. We ended up making ourselves a cuppa and watching Twilight, before falling asleep after that long drive! Since we got an early night, we woke early the next day, dressed and got ready and headed into the garden to see the Shetland Ponies. The cottage we stayed at had Shetland Ponies roaming in the back garden! I soon found a favourite.. she was so cute!

Mid morning, our tummies were rumbling so we headed into the next town for breakfast. We found a cute little shop selling teas and coffees, waffles and ice cream, so we headed in and I enjoyed toast while my boyfriend had a croissant. We finished our food and made our way to cyclexperience as we were going bike riding!

Neither me or my boyfriend had been on a bike for years, so when the guy bought the bikes over to us, I almost fell off! Admittedly, I was a little scared! The guy at bike hire hut gave us a route that suited us best, a nice short ride with a pub stop halfway. We were soon off and I was terrified at the thought of riding in the road with cars but my boyfriend assured me I wouldn't get run over, and in no time we were lost in the forest.. the only thing we could see were cows. My boyfriend soon got us on the right track but I was exhausted and my legs were already aching. I pushed on but soon realised we forgot any drinks and I was hot and thirsty! The ride to the pub took us around three hours, and we could barely walk after but we found the pub and rewarded ourselves with food and drink! 

The ride back wasn't as bad, we got lost again but it was more enjoyable as I had food in my tummy! We dropped the bikes off by the afternoon, and we were sore and aching. Our bums were hurting most and I honestly don't know how my boyfriend drove us back! I knew we should've done some pre bike riding stretches..!

We stayed in the little town called Sway, in a beautiful B&B called Meadow Cottage. It's a quaint house, with three rooms welcome for people to come and enjoy the New Forest. It had a very homely feeling owned by a lovely couple and we really loved our stay here. We were lucky enough to have a room facing the garden, which meant we had a lovely little patio area to sit and watch the ponies roaming in their six acres of land. They even had a cat too, which took a fancy to us and followed us about! So cute!

I downloaded the New Forest app and had a look at the pubs nearby for a place to go for dinner. I found a lovely pub/hotel called The White Rabbit serving the most delicious foods. It had a very warm atmosphere, with lots of people, so we headed outside and enjoyed the evening sunshine. Me and my boyfriend always order Hunters Chicken whenever we're at a pub, so in keeping with the tradition we went for the Brewers Chicken.. chicken smothered in a bbq and ale sauce topped with cheese. It was delicious except we could taste the ale and it was a bit strong! The chips were amazing too. We spent our evening just sitting, enjoying the evening sunset and having a good old laugh. The bike ride was catching up with us though, so we headed back and fell asleep in seconds!

We really loved our stay in the New Forest and I can't wait to go back again. It was just what we needed, perfect for some relaxing time away, peace and quiet and being on our own, just us and the Shetland Ponies 

A, ♥

Sunday, 17 August 2014

Things I Want #54

As I'm away in the forest with bike riding or eating some yummy pub grub, I thought I'd share a little wishlist of the things I've been lusting after lately. I've already done most of my holiday shopping, but as the temperature in Rome in soaring into the 30's, I may have to do a last minute shop of denim shorts and tops! I only have a few pairs of denim shorts and I don't know why as they're so easy to wear and dress up with any tee. I am loving these Miss S ones, different to any I've seen. They'd look great paired with that paisley cami I want so much! I am also after that cute feather print crop that I would wear with my maxi skirt for an evening out. My pink mega boots have gone into the sale too! Buy them for me please? And those super cute sunnies that are just my style!

What's on your holiday wishlist? Where do you buy your staple shorts?

A, ♥

Saturday, 16 August 2014

What Amanda & David Did: Hastings

Hastings. The quiet seaside town on the sussex coast. Full of history and ruins, it's been the a popular seaside town for years, with everyone wanting to visit the 1066 ruins. Hastings was one of my favourite places when I was little, I remember quite a few times we adventured down here for a weeks holidays and have fond memories of eating KFC on the beach. Me and my boyfriend really enjoying taking trips within England and are fascinated with England's history, so while staying at Combe Haven, we made the short drive to Hastings main town.

It's a town full of stories, history and most of the buildings around town are really old. It was a nice change to see a once old town, it reminded me of when we visited Edinburgh's old town back in Spring. It has a homely feel to it and we enjoyed walking through and exploring the old Hastings. We didn't realise how bad the weather was forecasted, and it suddenly started torrentially raining and the winds picked up too! We took shelter in a nearby Sports Direct and after having a wander around my boyfriend surprised with me a (very) expensive rain coat. I stupidly thought a cardigan was going to be enough! I got soaked! After getting snuggled in my coat, we headed back outside into the downpour and bought ourselves some lunch to enjoy in the car! Hot sausages rolls and cakes for pudding! Mmm...

The seagulls were so cheeky and one landed on my boyfriend bonnet! It watched us as we ate our lunch in the warm.. I think even they knew a storm was coming. Being the adventurous type we are, we zipped up our rain coats and headed for a walk along the beach. By this time, the storm had well and truly set in, with rain, winds of 20 miles per hour and the sea was horrendously choppy.  It was a fight to stay upright and walk in a straight line the winds were so bad! I don't think I've ever been in a storm like this before! The seas were so rough my camera and I were both covered in salty water.. it was disgusting when I licked my lips... pure salt! 

As we walked the length of the seafront, the weather improved, just enough for me to take my hood down, wipe my glasses and get snapping again. We walked along to the Shipwreck Museum. Full of fascinating stories about shipwreck boats. We quickly ran round as our car park money was about to run out! I took a few pictures of the cute bits and bobs in the shop, bought a few cute bits then made our way back to the car.

On our way back to the car, I spotted a familiar blue box.. only a real Sussex police box! My boyfriend and I are massive Doctor Who fans so we couldn't resist a few selfies with it and created fantasies if it were real and where we would travel too... if only! It was a nice way to finish off our day in Hastings, shame the weather wasn't nicer but it gives us an excuse to visit again. Maybe for the day next time and I'll definetely get ice cream!

A, ♥