Saturday, 28 February 2015

Monthly Update | February

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Considering I took two weeks off from the internet at the start of the month, my February has been jam packed with life changing things. I haven't had the best start to the year yet, but February has made up for it and has been one of the most exciting and motivational months I've had in a long time.

Good news in Amanda's world! I've landed myself a lovely new job! I started this week and I already love it so much. I really didn't think I would even get it, but I got the phone call last week and I was elated with happiness! It's let me finish the month with the biggest smile on my face, eventhough I still can't quite believe it! 
On top of my brand new job, I've got a new found motivation. Blogging-wise, I've been using my time more wisely, writing out posts, coming up with new ideas and I've been really enjoying it too. My blog turned four this month and I've come to realise my little blog is super important to me, and I really love blogging. I've given my blog a refresh for Spring, and I'm working on some lovely new content and thinking about possibly starting a YouTube with my boyfriend in the foreseeable future too! 
Looking back, February has been quite a busy one. Me and my boyfriend have had a few lovely date nights this month, including Valentines Day. He took me to one of our favourite restaurants and even booked for us to see Fifty Shades of Grey! He knows I loved the books, so that was a lovely surprise! My best friend turned 21, so me and my boyfriend enjoyed a night out with friends, dancing to disco songs and enjoying cheeky cocktails! I also had my haircut this month - nothing crazy, just under an inch off but it's made me want more, so I maybe going shorter some point next month!

Eventhough the shortest month, February has definetely given me the push to do something with my life and put my best foot forward. I feel motivated, inspired and I'm excited for what happens next! Fresh starts and all that

A, ♥

Friday, 27 February 2015

February Favourites

One of my blogging resolutions was to be more consistent with my Favourite posts. I know it's only one a month but I always either forget or have no new favourites! It's only February and I've already missed one! Alas, here are February's favourites, a nice mixture of things I've been loving from the last two months! Enjoy!

Oh, boyfriend. You did good. A fluffy pink clutch bag!? YES. My boyfriend surprised me with this for Christmas last year and I ADORE it. It's a folding style clutch with a zipper at the top to slide all of your necessities in, finished in faux pink fur, it's warm, cuddly and looks amazing day to night. I've been using this so so much the past two months, and it even came out to dinner and the cinema on Valentines day and is just too cute. Alongside my pink clutch, my pastel scarf has been a favourite these Winter months. I picked this up in Primark for £6 and it's like a picnic blanket! This will see me through the chilly Spring months too.

There isn't too much going on make-up/skincare wise. I'm slowly trying to make my way through my current products before I go and splash out on more, so I have been shopping my stash alot these past two months. The only new items I've been loving are these. This months  most used and loved product is my Make-up Revolution Romantic Smoked palette. Oh my, what a beautiful palette and this has been my go-to most days. Full review coming soon! Alongside that my No7 Lip Crayon that come in the Advent Calendar has been amazing and looks great paired with my Make-up Revolution palette! My KIKO Long Eyes Active Mascara has been giving me super long lashes and probably one of the best things I bought from KIKO. Lastly, my Vaseline Active Fresh deodorant is my holy grail deodorant. It smells fresh, lasts all day and just all in all a good deodorant! 

Book-wise, I've been obsessed with this photography book I got for Christmas. I'm starting a little collection of photography books and this is a necessity. None of the complicated stuff just the stuff you need to know to capturing the best photographs. I loved reading this; it reminded me alot of my GCSE and A-Level Photography but was a great reminder of all the technical stuff and was insightful to look at all the different photographers. Martin Parr, Henri Cartier-Bresson and Guy Bourdin bring back memories! The highlight of my past two months has been American Horror Story. Could I be any later to the party?! But I don't care, AHS is just AMAZING. My boyfriend bought me the first two seasons on DVD and I watched it non-stop since Christmas day. Admittedly, Murder House is my favourite season so far, I loved the characters but dayum, Asylum was so intense and the damn Name game song was stuck in my head for weeks! My boyfriend recently bought me Coven too, so I can't wait to start it all again!

Things that can't be photographed:
♥ Yes.. I admit, me and David saw Fifty Shades of Grey on V-day and it was amazing. Much better than I ever thought and it left me anticipating the next one. I have read all three books and I agree, it's not like the books and I was disappointed there was no Mrs Robinson, but it was amazing to start the trilogy off and had me and my boyfriend in fits of laughter!
♥ This song. Years and Years have got me hooked on this song and I am OBSESSED.
♥ Wagamama's Chicken Ramen. Needs no explanation!

What have you been loving this month? Do you watch American Horror Story?

A, ♥

Thursday, 26 February 2015

Things I Want #73 | The H&M Home Edit

About a year ago, I decided I wanted to decorate my bedroom. Me and my boyfriend put our heads and together, we measured up my walls, worked out what I could do with the space and started our search of new furniture. We hunted high and low for the perfect furniture, did endless measurements, made sure everything would fit, searched for the perfect carpet and even repainted my walls. Every month I bought myself a new piece of furniture, from wardrobes, to a desk/dressing table, make-up storage and even soft furnishings like new curtains, new carpet and cushions. I was so excited for my own little space to be perfect - all white with splashes of pastels and prints. But now, when I look at my room, it's full of boxes, everything everywhere and just mess. I hate it, especially because I have everything already, it's just a matter of organising!
I'm in need of a mahoosive clearout, but I'm also wishlisting the things that I do need. From cushions to the duvets, I also want to re-paint all my bedroom walls white and wallpaper my feature wall like I've been dreaming off for ages. This will be the year I finally organise my bedroom and then I can hurry up and show it off on here!

A, ♥