Thursday, 30 October 2014

October Favourites

October Favourites time! October has been a super fast month - how is it Halloween tomorrow already!? I've still had time to discover a few new favourites this month, fashion, beauty and a few random ones too!

Vogue was the magazine to have this month. Of course, everyone's favourite Youtuber and blogger, Zoe was featured in there this month, and just like everyone else I had to get my hands on it and have a copy for myself! I loved the article (and the dress she was wearing a little more) and this has definetely been my read of October. Fashion-wise, I've been obsessed with my Blossom Printed jacket from Miss Selfridge that I cheekily bought in the sale. I've yet to feature it on my blog, but it's a statement piece that I've been wearing with jeans, playsuits and can jazz up a daytime or night time look. LOVE it. My beauty favourites this month vary from my new Seventeen Cheek Stamp in the shade: Stare-Struck. I love these little blushes to bits, so easy to apply and the shades match my skin tone perfectly. On my nails has been Barry M's Silk Nail Paint in Orchid. I think this colour was made for me. It's the perfect Autumnal shade, a rich, deep Purple that just looks AMAZING. I've got my eye on Forest next! For hair care my new shampoo and conditioner have been working wonders. The L'Oreal Elvive Extraordinary Oils, made especially for dry/damaged hair have been helping restore my dry and frizzy mane. It's added shine, made my hair feel super soft and it smells amazing too!

My random favourites this month are American Horror Story - WHERE HAVE I BEEN? I only started watching it this week and already I'm hooked! I've been obsessed with Chandelier by Sia,  I've been listening to it on repeat and I've been loving Nandos this month too - creamy mash and Halloumi cheese please!

My favourite of the month and overall highlight was getting my hands on a few Zoella bits! Everyone went crazy for it on the Superdrug website and my local Superdrug doesn't stock it - so I went on a hunt into town, and found all the Zoella goodies! I had a little pamper night before I went to Portugal and thought it would be the perfect time to use Zoella's Soak Opera. It smells aaamazing, makes so many bubbles and made for the loveliest relaxing evening. 

Tuesday, 28 October 2014

What Amanda & David Did: Lisbon

Portugal. The first country I ever visited and also home away from home for my boyfriend. It's home to alot of my boyfriend's family, and since we hadn't been since 2012 we thought it would be nice to go for a little Autumn break, a long weekend to visit my boyfriend's loved ones and spend some rare quality time together.

We thought four days were enough to see everything we wanted and spend that all important time with family too. We set off on Thursday morning, super early at 5am (thanks boyfriend for the stupidly early flights) and landed in Lisbon mid morning. My boyfriend's Dad was there, waiting for us and after all the hello's were said, we hopped in his car and headed to his house for lunch. We stopped by a little place to pick up food and ate our way through the most delicious chicken and rice.. it was sooo yummy. We had some time before dinner, so his Dad drove us to Serra Arrabida, the most picturesque bay with some breathtaking views.

How beautiful? We stopped for photos and to take in the view - just miles and miles of clear blue skies and the prettiest beach. We were so lucky with the weather too, they were in the midst of a heatwave and it was just over 25 degrees when we landed and it soared to 29 degrees! His Dad told us it'd never been this hot in October before!

We kept driving up and up, until we finally reached the highest point, overlooking all of the bay. It's one of the most breathtaking views I've ever seen and we were there in ages in awe. It reminded me of our last trip to Portugal when we visited Nazare for the day - his Dad knows some pretty amazing spots. We soon headed home to see my boyfriend's little sister for the first time and all had a delicious family meal together, which was the highlight of my day 

On our last trip to Portugal, I briefly mentioned wanting to see the Jesus statue in Lisbon. I couldn't believe that his Dad had remembered and he planned to take us, remembering my fascination with it. So on Friday afternoon when his little sister had finished school for the day, we all hopped in the car and we made the journey to Cristo Rei. Similar to the statue in Rio, it's a famous statue of Christ overlooking the city of Lisbon. It feels like a such a sacred place, with it's own little chapel - people have come from all over just to see it. While we were waiting for the lifts to open, we had a look at the amazing views, they were spectacular. At 4pm, the lifts opened and we made our way right to the top, so we got to see the statue up close aswell as the amazing view of the city below. We had a lovely day here and this is one of my favourite memories.

Of course, shopping happened too and I'm always amazed at all the different shops. C&A was obviously my first stop. I just wanted to buy everything in there - and it's all such amazing value! We carried on walking around the shops when I spotted my favourite cake everrrr, so naturally it happened! We finished off the evening with dinners at his Dads again, always the perfect end to the day.

Saturday was a action packed day for us. My boyfriend's Dad came and picked us up early and we headed to the Benfica Stadium! My boyfriend is obsessed with Benfica, so we thought it would be nice to go on the stadium tour and see it for ourselves!

Luckily, the tour was in both Portuguese and English, so I understood everything! - though I think I was the only English person there! The first stop of the tour was the pitch. Obviously the best bit to any stadium tour. We got to walk around the entire stadium, before making our way down the stairs and enjoying the view pitch side. Victoria, the Eagle was there too, who flies around before every Benfica match, which my boyfriend was pretty excited about!

After the pitch, we walked through the dressing rooms, we learnt a little about the club then of course headed to the shop! I am all for buying souvenirs and couldn't wait to find something to take home with me. Besides all the shirts and clothing, I found a scarf with my boyfriend's name on it! He was beyond excited and of course, I searched for mine but obviously they didn't, why would they have Amanda?! My boyfriend's Dad was super lovely and bought me a scarf as well as my boyfriend's so at least I came home with something!

After lunch, we spent the rest of the afternoon in Belem, seeing the sights and having a lovely stroll around. We walked along the marine, saw all the boats and even spotted a pretty amazing boat statue. We walked along the water, taking in the sights of the Cristo Rei and was just enjoying the warm sunshine! We made our way to this super cute Castle in the water, and then made our way past pretty water fountains until we found the shops. We even spotted a Starbucks!

Our final stop was Pasteis De Belem - the place where the famous Portuguese Custard tarts all started! The very first one was made here, and everyday, people are queuing out the door and travel from all over to try one of their amazing tarts. We joined the queue and the chaos inside, people were going crazy and buying boxes of them! I wish I could say I had one, but I don't like them so I indulged in a Rice cake, which was the best rice cake I've ever had! My boyfriend said the Custard Tarts were amazing though! For our last dinner, and because it was Saturday night, we stopped by the AMAZING chicken place again.. it was so good - way better than Nandos!

Sunday morning, we had to leave the hotel at 12pm, so we packed up and  adventured into Lisbon by ourselves, while my boyfriend's Dad was at work. Even though we weren't in our hotel room much, we fell in love with it! We stayed at the Holiday Inn Express, a stones throw away from the airport and just over 25 minutes for my boyfriend Dads to pick us up and drop us off. It had everything we needed and even came with free breakfast!

We got a cab into town and explored the city on our own for a bit. Of course, the Hard Rock Cafe was on the list as me and my boyfriend have started collecting the t-shirts and we couldn't wait to add Lisbon to the collection! We headed for lunch in Mcdonalds and then walked around, enjoying the sunshine. My boyfriend's Dad picked us up, and we spent our last few hours together, shopping and walking around the markets. Our flight was in the evening, so he dropped us off and the emotional goodbyes were made. It's always the worst part of the trip, the goodbyes. We had the most amazing few days though, and me and my boyfriend are already thinking about when we can go again.. it was so lovely to spend some rare time with them, we have some precious memories 

A, ♥