Tuesday, 24 March 2015


Animal testing. While you're writing up your beauty hauls and reviews do you stop to think if your new favourite foundation has been tested on an animal? Do you ever wonder who was abused in the production of your new mascara? Do you ever take a minute to think? In all the hype of new releases, people are too busying competing with everyone else to own the latest products, without giving a thought as to where they come from. 
Recently, I've seen alot of animal testing campaigns on Twitter. Cosmetic companies that test on animals, treating animals unfairly, using ancient methods that are sick and wrong. I haven't been able to stop myself thing about it. I've started searching every brand I use to see if they test on animals and I was shocked with the results. Maybelline, L'Oreal, Herbal Essences.. I was horrified. Hundreds of Dogs, Cats, Rabbits are locked away in cages for the rest of their lives. Being experimented on, treated cruelly, never seeing the light of day all so we can have our beloved cosmetics. No. It's wrong. So I want to do something about it.

LUSH. A known advocate and the owner of the #fightinganimaltesting campaign. The fighting Rabbits that are splashed across LUSH's bags, are a symbol of LUSH's core value and lifetime goal of finally putting a stop to animal testing. They promise that no animals suffered in the production and are continuously encouraging others to do the same. Like every other beauty blogger, LUSH is one of my favourite places to shop, but now, I promise to buy my haircare, skincare, bath products - all my essentials (and more) because I know I can 100% trust LUSH. We need more companies like this. Not to mention the brutal demonstration they did in London. Brutal, but eye opening.

Beagles are the reason for this post. It was on Twitter that I discovered the Beagle Freedom Project and was very intrigued. Curiosity soon turned to horror as I discovered the project was dedicated to releasing Beagles from Labs and stopping them from being test subjects. Because of their kind, friendly and docile nature, Beagles are the most popular type of Dog to be found in a lab. I was sickened. Beagles are very close to my heart. I adore Beagles and have wanted one of my own for a few years now. When I found this project, I immediately searched their website and see what I could do to help. Being able to fundraise or even adopt or foster an animal would be amazing, but as the project is overseas in the United States, donating money and buying things from the shop to show my support is what I'm going to do. 

I love my make-up and skincare, but I love and respect animals more. I am going to do what I can to protect them. From boycotting brands that still use the ancient methods, to looking out for the Leaping Bunny, to shopping at LUSH instead and supporting a brand that does. Spread the word and share the love. 

A, ♥

Saturday, 21 March 2015

Things I Want #75 | The Utility Edit

Striped Bardot | Nude Mules | Ribbed Crop 1 & 2

Following on from my Fashion Pinspirations of the upcoming seasons trends, I've created a little Utility wishlist, with all my favourite pieces.  Oh, the utility trend is going to be big this season. Everything khaki, D-rings, double breasted pockets, black, shirt dresses, stripes and utility trousers. Admittedly, the Utility trend is something I know nothing about, but I intend of buying some pieces and trying to work them into my own style. Starting with the basics, ribbed cropped tees with black ripped jeans, to the striped mini skirt, that would look so amazing with the D-Ring jacket... then possibly trying  the black shirt dress, the paperbag shorts and the open toe mules everyone seems to be loving. I braved Primark today, and was overwhelmed with the amount of stripes, slogan tees, and utility jackets. I said at the start of the year I want a maturer, cleaner wardrobe and I think this trend will help me achieve it. I'm not 100% totally converted yet.. you'll still see me in my favourite Spring pastels too!

A, ♥

Thursday, 19 March 2015

Pinterest | SS15 Fashion

SS15 looks to be filled with a mixture of things I love. From slogan tees, to ripped jeans to shirt dresses, I'm excited for the trends in the coming season and even more excited to attempt to style them myself. I recently created a new board on Pinterest with all my SS15 fashion inspiration and I'm really enjoying pinning all the upcoming trends for Spring and Summer!

Distressed Ankle Denim//pop of color white converse x black ripped skinny jeans
white top with ripped jeans30 Outfits That’ll Make You Want to Wear Black Ripped Jeans Every Day | StyleCasterhello fashion - Hooded Leather Moto Jacket // Black Leather Backpack // Distressed Black Skinny Jeans // Black Suede Booties

Ripped Jeans | A staple in every wardrobe, but I don't yet own any. I'm desperate for a pair of ripped black Joni jeans and possibly a few lighter colours too. I think they look best when worn with a shirt or stripes.

7 Spring 2015 Fashion Trends You Should FollowHow To Make 2014 Your Most Organized Year Yet | LovelyishNew Arrivals | Beautiful Dreamers

Shirt dress | Oh, the shirt dress. I'm hoping this will be big this season as I adore them. I ordered myself a little black shirt dress and I can't wait for warmer weather so I can style it with chunky boots and frilly socks. Yes, that is Taylor Swift. *hearts in eyes emoji.

Suede wrap dress, round sunnies, and printed bagclassic nike sneaks with leather trousers, white tee and khaki trench coat for a perfect off duty lookSAFARISuch a comfortable look and we LOVE the gold chain bracelet | Find gold jewelry at bluenile.comdetails | song of style//

Utility | Utility is going to be huge this season. All D-rings, double breasted pockets, khaki, boots and suede. I'm not overly excited about the utility trend, but I am excited for more white shirts, khaki trench coats and possibly a suede A-line skirt! I'm sure I'll work it into my own style somehow!


Slogan & Striped Tees | Slogan tees are my all time favourites, so you'll be seeing loads of them in the coming months. Striped tees are really my thing.. I did spy a couple in Zara that I liked, so maybe I'll try and make it work! Can you believe I don't own a striped tee!?

SS15 seems to be quite refreshing and simple. It's all about monochromes, shirt dresses, open toe mules, and the utility trend. I feel quite excited for the new season pieces to be winging there way into my wardrobe.. especially slogan tees, white shirts and ripped jeans! I'm quite new to the utility trend, so I'm going to enjoy integrating simple pieces like a khaki jacket or a shirt with D-rings into my style. Hurry up Spring Summer!

What trend are you looking forward to this season? 

A, ♥