Saturday, 22 November 2014

LUSH Cosmetics | Candy Mountain

Last month you might've spotted my LUSH haul that I excitedly blogged about! It was first shop in LUSH for a while, so clueless as to what to get I went for the Melting Snowman, Christmas Penguin and Candy Mountain. I'm trying to save the snowman and Penguin until nearer Christmas but I fancied a bubble bath tonight, so I thought I'd treat myself with Candy Mountain.

I spent all of today tidying and organising my bedroom and it's taken me about 7 hours! I was exhausted by the end of it so I thought I deserved a little pamper night tonight. What is a pamper night without a bubble bath!? In my very very small collection of LUSH goodies (I really need more) I noticed I still hadn't used Candy Mountain, so I ran the hot water and jumped in. I crumbled candy mountain under the tap and my bath suddenly turned bubbly and pink! The smell was amazing too, like sweet love hearts.. but not sickly sweet like how I expected. I still smell like it now and so does my bathroom! It turned the water really soft and I instantly felt relaxed. 

Best bath I've had for ages! I'm finishing off my pamper night in my super soft Panda pyjamas, my pizza that should be here any minute and X Factor! I do love a good Saturday night pamper! I'm definitely going to repurchase Candy Mountain, it's one of my new favourites and perfect for a relaxing night in!

A, ♥

Friday, 21 November 2014

Things I Want #63: The Coat Edit

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I can safely say it's finally coat weather. The mornings are crisp and the evenings are even colder. I'm still currently wearing my in-between season Miss Selfridge jacket, but it's much too cold for that now, so I think it's about time I bought myself a new coat. As always, I'm lusting after coats of all kinds, trench coats, boyfriend coats and parkas. I desperately want one of each but I'm veering towards the boyfriend coat.. 
My taste in coats has definetely changed. Instead of the pastels and pretty fur, I'm liking more simple coats. Long, collared and monochrome too. I want all of these coats.. I'm really loving the Topshop Wool Blend coat but I've always wanted a brown coat too.. and I've got my eye on the big H&M one - it's so cheap too! I think me and my boyfriend are going Christmas shopping soon, so I might treat myself to my Winter coat then. Which coat has caught your eye? Help me decide! I'm torn between 1, 3 and 7!

A, ♥

Thursday, 20 November 2014

Zoella Beauty | Soak Opera, Blissful Mistful & Let's Glow

Everyone knows and loves the youtuber Zoella, and I was ridiculously excited when I saw her sneaky blog post about her new beauty range! It sold out on the Superdrug website within minutes so I went on a hunt and finally found three things from the range! I was so happy to see Blissful Mistful, Soak Opera and the Let's Glow candle too! I till really want the fizz bar and a make-up bag too! Might have to put them on my Christmas list!

Aaaaah, probably my favourite out of the three. Blissful Mistful is a floral scented body mist that smells amazing. It's light, floral and oddly reminds me of summer nights, autumn mornings and pamper nights.. an odd mixture but it's such a lovely scent. It's not as strong as a perfume and wears off quite quickly, so I keep it in my bag so I can give myself a spritz throughout the day to keep myself smelling nice! I'm also loving the cute polka dot design on the sleek glass bottle.. so pretty and exactly how I imagined Zoe to have designed it!

Soak Opera is definetely my most used product out the three! I was loving my bubble baths last month and used this everytime! I squeezed a little out under hot running water and it makes the loveliest bath with lots of bubbles and it smells so good too. It's a similar scent to the Blissful Mistful but more of a soothing scent that makes for the perfect start to a pamper night. Again, love that lacey design.

Being honest, I haven't yet used this candle. I'm not the biggest candle fan and even my boyfriend asked why I was buying a candle, when I really hate candles. It's the overpowering scents and thoughts that they might fall over and burn my house down that put me off but I bought it anyway and it currently sitting pretty on my dressing table. Whoops! I think I'll go light it right now...

What are you loving from Zoella's range? What's your favourite product?

A, ♥