Sunday, 30 August 2015

August Favourites

August favourites time! There's definetely been a theme of blues and greens this month.. just look at my Instagram too! I've loved a few things this month from shoes to drinks to experiences.. enjoy!

Orangina | This has been my drink this summer! Oh it's so delicious and reminds me of when I was little!
Nail Polishes | Summer blues are my thing right now.. I found these in my draw and they've been on my nails all month. I'm after a few new nail polishes soon.. I think it's time to have a clear out!
Soap & Glory Face Soap & Clarity | I repurchased this when it was on offer in Boots and only have just realised how much I miss it. It wakes me up in the morning and leaves my skin clear and fresh. I use it alongside my Bioderma for squeaky clean skin.
Honey | I've fallen back in love with this scent and it's perfect for summer. Fresh and floral.. 
Loafers | Oh, I love these shoes! I've been wearing them constantly since buying them in the River Island sale and I can't get enough! They're exactly what I wanted and go with my current style at the moment. I love the colour, the tassels and they're so comfy too! I think I'll be buying a black pair for autumn. 
Pineapple Necklace | I picked this up a few weeks back in River Island and thought it would be a perfect little accessory in these summer months. It's been a cute addition to my day to day jewellery and who doesnt love pineapples?

Things that can't be photographed:

Lily's moving vlogs | I've been obsessed with watching these little episodes every morning before I go to work. I love that they're little snippets instead of a long 15 minutes video and little Aerys is so cute!
Water | I've been on a water hype and exceed myself by drinking so much water! I have a bottle at my desk and managed to drink over 1500 litres in one day. My skin is clearer and I feel so much better in myself. 
Great Yarmouth | We all enjoyed a lovely day in Great Yarmouth a few weeks ago and it was bliss. The weather was amazing and we had a delicious picnic on the beach. Definetely my highlight 
A, ♥

Saturday, 29 August 2015

My Little Gypset Box

My Summer this year has been all about those gypsy vibes. I've been enjoying all the wide legs trousers, off the shoulder tops, floral crowns and positive feelings so it was fitting that this months box is the My Little Gypset Box! I was pretty excited for this months box.. keep reading to see what was inside!

Thursday, 27 August 2015

Things I Want | The Disney Edit #1

Tops & Sweaters: TruffleShuffle | Shoes: Vans

It's official! The countdown has begun and in exactly one months time, me and my boyfriend will be in DISNEY WORLD! I still can't quite believe it and I don't think it will properly sink in until I'm on the plane and on the way there! Oh my, I am so so so excited not just for Disney but to go to America for the first time, explore Universal and experience it all! SO EXCITED! Now it's almost here, no holday is complete with wishlists and there is SO much disney printed clothes and things I want to take! I already have the majority of my holiday clothes but I'm determined to wear something Disney everyday!
For my first wishlist I'm all about printed tees with all my favourite characters, and two pairs of dream shoes! I'm definitely going to buy a pair of ears when I'm over there and a new Disney phone case too! I want everything Disney themed even down to accessories! Eeeeeee.. getting so excited now! :D

A, ♥