Friday, 24 October 2014

Things I Want #61: The Monochrome Edit

Gilet 1 & 2 | Tee | Top

I'm loving all the monochromes right now. I usually hate wearing black because I have to wear it for work - but recently I've been loving wearing and styling simple black skirts and white tees with a bright pop of colour. My wardrobe is really missing staple monochrome pieces like the graphic tee, fringe top to layer over simple outfits and that Leopard print coat which is super cute and looks oh so soft! I also NEED that grey jumper - it's so my style! Top of my list though, has to be those gilets. I have been after one for SO LONG, I've tried on so many and none of them have been quite right, but I'm seriously loving the one of the left. I need itttttttt. 

A, ♥

Thursday, 23 October 2014

Clarks Orinoco Jazz

Half of my shoe-drobe is boots. I love boots. You can never have too many boots. Most of my boots are either short or ankle so I have wanted a pair of long boots for soooo long. I actually bought these last year which is why they're not available any more but luckily places like eBay still sell them. I adore these boots - the length, the style, the buckle. I obsessed over these boots as soon as I spotted them last year but by the time I got round to buying them, it was Spring and too warm to wear them!
As soon as it starting getting chillier, I started wearing them everyday to work which explains why they're in such a state. Nonetheless, they're amazing quality, I love the design and they go with absolutely everything! The main reason for me loving these boots is the length. I'm quite short and every other long boots goes way up and over my knees and makes me look SO short. I love the height of these, below the knee, making me seem taller than I am. I love the fit too, not too gapey at the back at my legs are like twigs and everything seem huge, especially because I had to get wide fitting boots for my wide feet! The leather is more of a nubuck than shiny leather which I prefer, they're soft and light for my little legs too. I wish I'd got the brown when I had the chance... dammit. I'm going to be wearing these allll through Winter, I adore them!

A, ♥

*I have written this review myself, all words, opinions and thoughts are all my own and Clarks did not influence this post. I am always 100% honest when reviewing an item.

Tuesday, 21 October 2014

What Amanda Wore: The Hogwarts Tee

Tee: Primark | Jeggings: Topshop | Cardigan: Primark | Scarf: Primark | Hi-tops: Dorothy Perkins

Primark seem to be obsessed with Harry Potter recently.. jumpers, tees, the lot! I am a Harry Potter nerd and I couldn't resist me a Hogwarts tee. I already picked up the Slytherin one, but I wanted a Hogwarts one too, to add to the collection. I spotted the one full of colour, blues, yellows and greens but I thought it was a bit in your face, instead I had a rummage and found this simple and white and burgundy one, with the Hogwarts crest. I love this tee - it's super cute and perfect for a crazy Harry Potter lover like me! Today was an evening of lounging so I wore it with comfy jeggings and as it's starting to get a little chilly, I bought my fluffy cardigan out for the first time this Autumn! It's so fluffy and warm, I can't wait to start wearing them more often! 
I love having cosy nights in, they're the best thing about Autumn! Especially when you have a cuppa tea and the new series of The Big Bang Theory to watch - it's amazing btw!

A, ♥