Sunday, 10 February 2013

February: 4-10

Relaxing week.
New fave mug | Kinder eggs! | Sunday clothes | IKEA! | boyfriend sillyness | Strawberry cushion!

I love having one of those weeks where everything goes perfect and nothing gets in the way, which is just what I got this week. I had a relaxed and happy week with my boyfriend which we both needed after a few chaotic working days. Work has been non stop this week so I have been using my free time more carefully, writing to-do lists and planning what me and my boyfriend are going to do together so I can have a nice balance of everything.

Today, we spent in IKEA to have a little browse, which got me thinking about when me and my boyfriend will finally move in together and be able to buy ourselves everything for the first time like cutlery, bedding, sofas and canvases and bigger things like choosing a kitchen, which was really exciting to think about together. We ended the night at the casino with his Uncle, I won £1 for my boyfriend on the 10p roulette machines and we indulged in free hot chocolates all night, perfect!

I've been in quite a bloggy mood this week too, which is why the blog has a new design. I thought it could do with some TLC, appearance wise and in posts. I have some exciting posts coming this week too. I wanted to do a few outfits posts today but it started snowing this afternoon and it's getting heavier and heavier. Driving back from the casino tonight the roads were covered! I can't believe we have even MORE snow. Luckily i don't have work tomorrow so I can enjoy the snow from my window! Have you had any snow? 

How was your week? 

Amanda xo
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