Friday, 15 February 2013


It's payday week for me and I want everything! 

Rimmel Apocalips in Luna - After seeing the reviews fill my bloglovin' I really want to try these! I am not a massive lipstick wearer but After reading good reviews, I've got my eye on Luna, can't wait for the release!
Map Cushion - The little trip to IKEA last weekend has got my lusting after homeware. I love maps think it's about time I brought my room some new bits, and these cushion would look so good in my bedroom!
Coral Cardigan - I am missing the cardigan that goes with everything. I have a pink cardigan but it's on it's last legs and fancy something brighter and this is perfect for Spring! Reduced too!
Listography - I love these books. My boyfriend bought me Love Listography for Christmas and I do love it but it was surprisingly inappropriate..  I think I want the normal Listography!
Miffy Lamp - SO CUTE. I adore Miffy and this would be sooo perfect in my room, it's huge and pricey though!
Glad Hair Day Shampoo & Conditioner - My Soap and Glory obsession is still strong. I love it! After trying the soaps, I think it's time I gave my hair a little TLC, after reading the reviews, this sounds amazing. I can't get enough of the soap and glory scent. 

What's on your wishlist?

Amanda xo
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  1. Rimmel Apocalips are on top of my up coming Swap wish list since they havent made it here yet. That sweater is a gorgeous color:)


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